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NameLong nameDescriptionDownloadsType
zombiesZday scriptZday, a zombie infestation script f..146358script
guieditorGUI EditorGUI Editor is a resource designed to a..89470misc
house_systemHouse System by DakiLLa (Building/Mana..77107script
zombiegamemodeZombie GamemodeZombie Gamemode - all-in-one gamemode ..71300gamemode
bankBank SystemGUI Based bank system. FOR MTA:SA 1..71104script
heditIngame Handling EditorThis is the official Handling Editor, ..56261script
modloaderModLoaderNever having to edit meta.xml, never b..49834script
dxscoreboardScoreboardNEW: The scoreboard is now a part of M..40151script
glueglueScript to glue yourself to a vehicle. ..39868script
freeroamFreeroam GUIStaff note: This may be outdated. Plea..39760gamemode
shader_flashlight_testShader Flashlight testThis resource is discontinued. It uses..38398script
businessBusiness SystemInfo can be found here: http://forum...34700script
godmother - reallife scriptIm Prinzip ist diese Version die gleic..34574gamemode
heligrabHelicopter GrabbingThis is a resource allowing players to..32180misc
raceRaceStaff note: This may be outdated. Plea..31253gamemode

Top rated Resources (with at least 10 votes)

NameLong nameDescriptionRatingType
custom_coronascustom_coronasResource: Custom Coronas v1.2.0 Video..4.8script
watereffectsWaterEffectsThis is a short version of a postproce..4.7script
ctfCapture the FlagMTA's CTF Mode.4.6gamemode
calculator_machineCalculator Bind Key: F3 Do not forge..4.6script
[scr]weapon-select-gtavWeapon Select GTA VWeapon Select estilo do GTAV, tem pouc..4.6misc
rage_gta_v_radarRage's GTA V RadarGrand Theft Auto V Radar By Rage Cu..4.6script
shaderpednormalShader Ped NormalResource: Shader Ped Normal v1.0.2 Vi..4.6script
voiceguiVoice GUIEver wanted a nice little GUI to go wi..4.5script
admin tagAdmin tagAdmin-Tag By Eruption* * Admin Tag ..4.5script
mfiMTA Functions InfoThis script panel show info stuff func..4.5script
cs_announce99This is nice announce script taken fro..4.4script
shader_depth_of_fieldResource: Shader Depth of Field v0.1.0..4.3script
fortnitedancesBailes de FortniteJódanse .i. Malditos egocéntricos, ..4.3script
lvboxingSettle arguements like a gentleman, by..4.3script
adblockAdBlockFor this resource to work, type this i..4.2script

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NameVersionPublish DateType
traficararmas1.0.02019-09-17 00:25:21gamemode
limparchat1.0.02019-09-17 00:05:22gamemode
sapd base's1.0.02019-09-16 23:09:58map
xmldata1.1.02019-09-13 13:29:05script
xmldata1.0.02019-09-13 12:50:32script
player_position1.0.22019-09-11 03:34:32script
adminsystembyhannah1.0.02019-09-09 16:08:20script
game-speedbox1.0.02019-09-08 09:12:38script
job-colectivero1.0.02019-09-05 21:57:32script
favela-ccj1.0.02019-09-04 23:20:03map
creador_de_blips1.0.02019-09-03 21:13:52script
boot_weapons1.1.02019-09-02 16:35:20script
new shader bilboard1.9.02019-09-02 11:59:03script
nima kheradi1.9.02019-09-02 11:51:28script
game-upupup1.0.02019-09-01 12:43:42script