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Top rated Resources (max. 40, with at least 10 votes)

NameLong NameDescriptionRatingVotesType
custom_coronascustom_coronasResource: Custom Coronas v1.2.0 Video..4.827script
draw-distanceDraw distance increase This resource improves draw distance..4.813script
watereffectsWaterEffectsThis is a short version of a postproce..4.713script
shaderpednormalShader Ped NormalResource: Shader Ped Normal v1.0.2 Vi..4.716script
rage_gta_v_radarRage's GTA V RadarGrand Theft Auto V Radar By Rage Cu..4.719script
ctfCapture the FlagMTA's CTF Mode.4.712gamemode
calculator_machineCalculator Bind Key: F3 Do not forge..4.616script
voiceguiVoice GUIEver wanted a nice little GUI to go wi..4.613script
bubblechatBubble chatBubble chat Well, as the tittle say..4.411script
egzozpatlatmabackfireScript Video: http://www.youtube.com/w..4.414script
[scr]weapon-select-gtavWeapon Select GTA VWeapon Select estilo do GTAV, tem pouc..4.315misc
object_previewObject PreviewResource: Object Preview v0.7.0 Autho..4.319script
jay_graffitiGraffiti system@ Troubleshooting - Add an admin perm..4.332script
adblockAdBlockFor this resource to work, type this i..4.324script
shader_depth_of_fieldResource: Shader Depth of Field v0.1.0..4.312script
misterixmodMisterix Mod V1By: ====================..4.219script
cs_announce99This is nice announce script taken fro..4.213script
rectangleminimapRectangle minimapMinimap functions: - Zoom in/out with..4.148script
fortnitedancesBailes de FortniteJódanse .i. Malditos egocéntricos, ..4.117script
sa_customsSan Andreas - Customs@ San Andreas Customs - Performance t..4.128script
radar3dRadar3DResource: Radar 3D v1.1.6 Author: Ren..4.146misc
3dhuda 3D Hud like in Dead Space ( not 100 ..4.127misc
admin tagAdmin tagAdmin-Tag By Eruption* * Admin Tag ..4.114script
emerlightsEmergency LightsEmergency lights for Stage resource. A..4.115misc
guieditorGUI EditorGUI Editor is a resource designed to a..4521misc
flappybirdsFlappy Birds in MTA! As you can see..433script
police_lights_2015Police Lights [LED AND LAMP]POLICE LIGHTS 2015 Script by vovo4k..427misc
lvboxingSettle arguements like a gentleman, by..413script
markerscreatorMarkers creatorThis is an open-sourced script which m..413script
login-menuLogin PanelLogin Panel Only from 1.3.4 You can ..411script
dynamic_lightingShader Dynamic LightingThis resource is discontinued. It uses..443script
groups-systemGroups-SystemTo update from the old version (1.3.0 ..4115script
zombiesZday scriptZday, a zombie infestation script f..4892script
heditIngame Handling EditorStaff note: This may be outdated. Plea..4120script
gui-jailGUI Jail SystemGUI Jail System =====================..3.937script
eventpanelEvent PanelSo in this new version I have added lo..3.914misc
3dspeakersystme(xxmadexx)SpeakerSystemByxXMADEXxSTAFF NOTE: we recommend you use this ..3.927script
ivhudGTA IV style hud for mta keys: = :..3.9105script