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This is a simple database wrapper/interface for the module MTA-MySQL (by Alberto Alonso (ryden)).

I was bugged by the fact, that all the mysql functions require the mysql handler (opened by mysql_connect) as a parameter. The problem is, that this parameter is just available in the one resource that opened the database connection but i needed it in all my resources that have to do something with the database. I just did not want to have every resource its own connection due to performance reasons.

So i wrote a wrapper/interface that handles all database requests by exported functions.

To save somebody else's time i decided to upload this one for all that need it.

How does it work:
Set the connection parameters in config/database.xml. The connection will be opened at resource start up and will be closed on resource stop. If your script has anything to do with a your mysql database it can use the database resource to handle it requests. It even checks if the database connection is still active before any operation that needs a valid connection and reconnects automaticall if needed.

This resource uses a DIFFERENT names convention than the original mysql functions! Instead of naming the function with underscores they are named in camel-syntax.

mysql_escape_string becomes escapeString
mysql_affected_rows becomes affectedRows
mysql_query becomes query
mysql_fetch_row becomes fetchRow
and so on.

The handlers returned by these functions are not comptabile with normal mysql_* functions because they are plain integers instead of mysql-handlers (due to exportet function's compatibility)

If errors or warnings occur in a query or any operation the script will throw that error immediately. Look at debugscript to see them.

Example of a resource using the database interface/wrapper

db = exports.database

local username = "PlayersUserName"
local query = "SELECT `money` FROM `players` WHERE `username` = '" .. db:escapeString(username) .. "'"

local result = db:query(query)
local row = db:fetchRow(result)
local money = row[1]


I hope, this resource helps some people.


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.5.1 2010-01-02 00:59:19 bugfix release
- fixes a bug in query function
1.5.0 2010-01-02 00:56:25 Bugfix release
- fixes a bug in ping()-function
1.4.0 2009-12-30 22:29:56 First public release Download