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Want to imagine other players listening to your songs? Now it's possible (to imagine).

When this resource is enabled on a server, there will be a 13 track playlist that a player can play in a car. If the player haven't made a playlist (s)he will hear only a placeholder file that's downloaded from server.
However, if (s)he has his/her own playlist, (s)he can choose own songs to listen to, and if anybody plays a song under the same spot in playlist than the the player has, the player could hear them listening to his/her song in 3D audio.

You also need to download dependency resource radio3d_playlist

Use 0 (zero), to bring up the playlist, while being a driver. Then the corresponding letter to play a song (a - n, except b, which is used by race sometimes - in future it will work...).

After the resource is downloaded for a client, the client can make his/her own playlist the following way:
1) Go to MTA directory/mods/deathmatch/resources/radio3d_playlist
2) Add songs to music folder in there
3) Copy the playlist.xml.original and rename the copy to playlist.xml
4) Open the playlist.xml with Notepad and edit the filenames (maximum is 13 files)
5) If you were in-game during that, you can use /updateplaylist now to see your new playlist in action

Musicfiles are not shared between different players, because this would add tremendous downloading for everybody, thus rendering it unpractical. The states (which songletter from the playlist is playing, if any) for vehicles radios are synced, however.

The idea itself is from Battlefield: Vietnam, the game.


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
0.3.0 2010-02-02 11:26:48 * Fixed error when playing song for the first time for a client after starting resource
+ Added exported function to change any setting after radio3d resource has been started, e.g
exports.radio3d:changeSetting(player, "soundRadioOffOnBlowUp", true)

This should be triggered everytime player joins or starts the resource that calls that exported function, because on start player get the default settings.
0.2.6 2009-12-13 03:15:54 Updated help.xml with more info for players. Download
0.2.5 2009-12-13 02:50:23 First public release Download