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This is a deathmatch that you can use on every type of server,

This is a movie of the resource active on my server


this include a map file very close to the kind of maps from the classic game ( worms ) oh btw, if anybody could script the old worms game into a mta script like some did with tetris and other games, that would be cool :p
there are weaponpickups on the map,
a teleport with map icon in las venturas to the map,
entering the teleport will bring you to a small cage with three teleports, from the cage u have view on the battlezone
also using that teleport will shut off your radar at the bottom of your screen
in the cage, one tele is the exit back to the tele in LV, the other two tele's are team A and team B
When a player die on the battlezone he spawns back inside the cage,
when e player die on a normal location on the map he spawns at the teleport in las venturas ( if you dont want this u can delete it in the script or change the locations )
when entering the exit teleport, your radar will return at the bottom of your screen, if u use other ways to teleport or warp u will still need to go into that exit teleport to get it back
but when u die at the battlezone without radar, u always spawn back next the exit teleport so ...

your skin will also change, i didn't uploaded the worms skin, its up to you what you will make of it, you can also delete that line in the scipt so it wont change

have fun with it

those who'd like to come look on my server here is the ip



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