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rssfutsal ball (futsal)

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Hello dear community, this file contains map of abandoned factory with goals inside and a futsal script, outs, corners etc. You can kick the ball using power indicators in bottom-right of your monitor, hold the LMB key to regulate the kick power and use mouse scroll to set height of punt. You can also create obstacles to make a training more challenging.
Obstacles commands:

(( to set an obstacle in position you must write the commands twice, once to look for position to be placed in and second to create this. ))

/wall - creates barrier
/pacholek - creates bollard
/barierka - creates little fence

NOTE: Map must be loaded before the script as the ball is inside of the map's interior.

PS: Script has no collision of sphere and has some bugs but the reason I add this to here is that at the beginning I found some tutorials about vectors in scripts IN UNITY ENGINE(accidently) just for creating a ball, so I want the people who start their journey with scripting to not look for knowledge of this kind in other sources, also I don't have time to update it....


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