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rssTaxi System ([en]taxi-system)

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This is taxi System , where anyone in the server can order a taxi by typing in F8 'taxi':
A panel will appear for him with a list of taxi workers who are online, and he chooses any taxi worker and clicks on 'Send request'.
The description below for the first release
and the Payment panel system is removed
After the V2.0 release
you can read the V2.0 Release changelog for removed functions.
For the Taxi-worker :
a group of lines with be received in the chatbox mentioning :
( Customer name , Taxier requested , Request ID )
Accepting the request:
Type in F8 'taxi ID' and the request ID mentioned in the chatbox.
Then he will be teleported and given a taxi vehicle to the customer position.
After Completing the Request:
type in F8 "pay" , a panel will be showen to the taxier and his customer , the taxier will have to type a good price according to the distance he covered(City To City , Medium , Small )
the prices for each distance are mentioned in a 'Notes' in the taxi ordering panel
Default Prices are ( editable in 'client.lua' ) :
City to city:40,000$
Paying Situations :
If the customer don't have enough money to pay the amount requested from the taxi , the taxi will be notified and he will have to decide again either reducing the price or Cancelling the request ( a button that teleports the customer to his previuos place automatically )
- The commands are editable in client.lua or server.lua
- Useful commands :
'te id' : For taxiers , to close a request without accepting it ( Spam , Fake requests)
- Expect bugs or glitches and if there contact me and will try to fix it soon
- This is [EN] English version for the resource ,there is [AR] Arabic version too.
- This resource need to be added to'Admin' to create a ACL group named 'Taxi' which determinates the taxiers
- Any account added to 'Taxi' ACL group will be a taxi worker
Discord For suggestions : ! MouNiR.Dz#0176



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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
2.1.0 2022-04-08 12:51:43 -V2.1 Released
-Fixed some bugs.
-Improved Perfomance
-Added 'taxihelp' to view the controls and new commands
-Improved 'te' command.
2.0.0 2022-04-07 19:34:34 -V2.0 Official Released.
-Removed "Pay" command and Payment Panel.
-Added Travel meter counter.
-Added Price per km ( Traveled Distance ).
-Added Anti-glitches ( Prevent bankrupt players from calling taxi ).
-Added Taxi Duty on/ off command 'taxiduty'.
-Added Vehicle will freeze if the customer has no longer enough money to pay more
-Added Stop/Restart counter by commands and keys
taxiduty - to toggle taxi duty on or off
rescount - restart counter ( Also has a key editable in client.lua)
stopcount - stop counter ( Also has a key editable in client.lua)
-Added Tax per km editable in client.lua
-Added AutoPay Tax system if the customer leaved the vehicle
1.0.0 2022-04-05 14:32:57 First public release Download