rssGround Pickups (groundpickups)

Author(s):Lex128, Riaz
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This script allows create weapon pickups, which lay on ground, hang on wall, etc. While it may be only weapon.

*STAFF NOTE: first uploaded in 2010, recently suspended and now patched & unsuspended due to severe code vulnerabilities. UPDATE TO CURRENT RELEASE if you previously ran/run it!

To pickup or swap weapon press key 'k'.
To drop weapon press key 'l'.

Function to create a weapon pickup:
createGroundWeapon(weaponid, ammo, clip, posX, posY, posZ, rotX, rotY, rotZ, interior, dimension)
weaponid - the ID of weapon (for ex. - 31 (M4))
ammo - the ammo of weapon
clip - the ammo in clip of weapon (0 for full clip)
posX, posY, posZ - the position of weapon
rotX, rotY, rotZ - the rotation of weapon (for 'lay' use 97.3,120,0)
interior - the interior of weapon
dimension - the dimension of weapon

The XML format - <groundweapon weaponid="" ammo="" clip="" posX="" posY="" posZ="" rotX="" rotY="" rotZ="" interior="" dimension="" />

p.s. In the process of testing the first version and in those versions could be any bugs.


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.2.0 2017-08-16 18:20:32 Forgot to complete antispam/macro protection, fixed. Download
1.1.0 2017-08-16 16:42:44 Additional script security fixes, code cleanup and modernisation Download
1.0.0 2017-08-16 14:38:38 First critical security fix (remove and replace callServerFunction) in order to unsuspend Download