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rssGUI Editor (guieditor)

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GUI Editor is a resource designed to allow creation and manipulation of GUI elements in-game, with the ability to generate the corresponding Lua code and output it to a file.

forum thread: http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=22831

To begin using the GUI Editor, start the resource and press shift + g (or type /guied).
There is an in-game tutorial that can be used to familiarise you with the basic functions of the GUI Editor
For further help, there is also extensive help documentation that can be accessed with the main right click menu

The editor requires the ACL permissions: general.ModifyOtherObjects for some functions, and function.callRemote for update checking

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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
3.1.3 2016-01-09 15:09:10 Fixed obscure bug loading in text with a specific comma/quote pattern in dx text strings Download
3.1.2 2015-01-17 22:50:09 Added outline and shadow colour options, added Lock option (hold ctrl when right clicking), misc bug fixes Download
3.1.1 2014-12-20 21:11:16 various bug fixes, added font size setting, added resizing options, added attach/detach options, lots of misc additions Download
3.1.0 2013-03-24 14:37:54 various bug fixes, reworked snapping, added 'Shadow' and 'Outline' DX options, tweaked UI Download
3.0.2 2012-11-04 14:51:19 fixed issues with using custom fonts in dx texts Download
3.0.1 2012-10-28 13:35:49 fixed resource name issues Download
3.0.0 2012-10-28 13:26:30 re-written from scratch Download
2.4.1 2011-04-17 21:36:36 fixed label settings, added gridlist item text/colour options, dx text fixes, attempt foreign image loading, misc tweaks Download
2.4.0 2010-05-02 18:47:00 misc fixes, load code, basic lua output, undo & redo Download
2.3.0 2010-01-19 18:58:26 DX support, element snapping, code tweaks Download
2.2.0 2010-01-10 16:37:32 added "resize" for captures, added info & update window, added alignment dividers, added interactive tutorial, added "move x" and "move y" options Download
2.1.0 2009-10-30 18:56:07 you can now hold down shift while creating/moving elements for "loose manipulation", added missing "Create Image" option for tabs, added minimum element size of 5x5, added "Parent" right click option allowing manipulation of the selected elements direct parent Download
2.0.1 2009-10-02 22:46:03 reverted compatibility changes made in version 2.0, fixed small issue with canceling underneath right click menus of variable heights, added header slot to right click menus indicating which element you right clicked on Download
2.0.0 2009-08-24 23:05:23 removed deprecated functions, added (temporary) workaround to fix 1.0 compatibility Download
1.9.0 2009-07-21 22:00:55 the default table-variable is now properly re-indexed when elements are deleted,
fixed \n becoming \\n,
fixed issue with adding gridlist rows generating an error,
borders are no longer drawn when the input box is showing (they steal the focus from the input field),
fixed bug with deleting multiple elements without a menu_source
1.8.0 2009-06-26 02:15:04 see description or forum thread for changelog Download
1.7.0 2009-03-20 22:07:18 added support for get/set property on GUI elements, blocked right click manipulation on the right click menu labels, added more error traps and improved usefulness of error messages Download
1.6.0 2009-01-07 20:29:03 see readme file or descrpition for changelog Download
1.5.0 2008-08-11 21:06:34 fixed issue with using quotes within a string Download
1.4.0 2008-07-03 06:42:28 several minor fixes & tweaks, static image support added, relative/absolute positioning switch added Download
1.3.0 2008-06-27 18:37:08 added font option for labels, added experimental "Extra" option for more attachment combinations Download
1.2.0 2008-06-05 09:48:27 fixed alignment output, added "offset" option to align elements with an x,y distance Download
1.1.0 2008-05-22 10:47:32 added right click options for code output, fixed bug with deletion of elements Download
1.0.0 2008-05-20 16:15:30 First public release Download