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Work on this resource is currently halted.

GTA:V styled radar.

DayZ version: http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&..p;id=10781

Future releases may come if I have spare time.

Please rate & comment, but most importantly, enjoy.

Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license (See "LICENSE.rtf" in top level directory)

Known bugs:
- Blips may not seem to be in the right position when you're further away, especially seen on resolutions higher than native (1366x786)

- Configurations (see top of radar.lua file)
- Blip support
- Health display, w/ changing colours
- Armor display
- Oxygen display
- Map display
- Supports higher lung capacity skill (UNDERWATER_STAMINA, id 225) and higher max health (MAX_HEALTH, id 24)
- Custom blip images support (element data 'customBlip', must start with ':' or is assumed a custom blip ID, which can exceed 63 (standard amount of blips). You can then associate these IDs with custom images)

Coming soon (possibly):
- Radar map changing perspective when in vehicle
- Special display for air vehicles
- Damage indicator
- Blip Z-level ordering (getBlipOrdering) support
- Blip (id 0) up/down indicator
- Radar areas

Special thanks to:
- Doomed_Space_Marine (useful functions)
- robhol (useful functions)

PM: https://forum.mtasa.com/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=67226


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.0.7 2015-01-13 18:21:34 Added srzika's GTAV HUD to the meta - download earlier release if you want just the radar. Download
1.0.6 2015-01-13 18:04:41 Fixed the radar's 2:3 ratio (blips should be fairly accurate on any resolution now), fixed radar map not disappearing when interior world isn't 0. Download
1.0.5 2015-01-13 17:44:00 Fixed blips not appearing, fixed north blip and its size, fixed far-away blips wrapping, removed some mistakes in code (such as exports to my other resources), fixed typos (such as HUD component names) Download
1.0.2 2015-01-01 01:42:22 Updated north blip, even more accurate now. Download
1.0.1 2015-01-01 01:30:01 Blips no longer show up if client is in the wrong interior/dimension. North blip is more accurate. Download
1.0.0 2014-12-30 18:12:22 First public release Download