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rssCounter Strike: RenderWare (csrw)

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Rating:3.8 (20 Votes)
Team Deathmatch game mode inspired by Counter Strike.

[!] Make sure you have downloaded all additional resources and at least 1 map.
[!] Make sure you have turned on mapmanager and votemanager resource.

Source code & issue tracker: https://github.com/lopezloo/mta-csrw
Forum topic: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/61129-rel-counter-strike-ren..-gamemode/
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZJGl2Rc-B-GrX5Vn6..KI_K0q28Aj

▪ interface inspired by Counter Strike: Source
▪ bomb defusal mode
▪ hostage rescue mode
▪ full dynamic and easy customizable weapon system
▪ grenades: HE grenade, smoke grenade, molotov, flashbang, decoy
▪ equipment items: night vision goggles, thermal vision goggles, defuse kit, kevlar
▪ custom damage system
▪ weapons visible on player body
▪ spectator mode with free camera mode and "wallhacking" (CS:GO alike) teammates and weapons laying on ground
▪ ability to drop weapons on the ground
▪ server Message of The Day
▪ new version notification
▪ Rock The Vote feature and ability to nominate maps for next vote
▪ locale system (by default: english and polish)
▪ configurable


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
0.9.31 2017-07-18 19:32:26 Fixed few issues. Download
0.9.3 2017-07-06 15:12:50 Removed calls to master server and fixed few issues. Download
0.9.2 2014-12-18 19:44:57 ▪ Spectator: made ground weapons only visible between walls if player is in full spec mode (spectators team)<br />
▪ Added mapmanager & votemanager to auto starting resources list<br />
▪ Fixed infinity map change loop when map was changed by vote<br /><br />
▪ Fixed various minor spectator issues<br />
▪ Added new version notifier for maps<br />
▪ Added flash particle when flashbang explodes<br />
▪ Player now can't change weapon if cursor is showing<br />
▪ EDF: added hostagesite, fixed some params, added icons, added camera element<br />
▪ Fixed all players being show in TT team on scoreboard when map is changing<br />
▪ Support roll & fov arguments in map cameras
0.915.0 2014-12-08 14:19:00 Fixed player language was not setted correctly if player using other language than included. Download
0.914.0 2014-12-05 22:13:06 First public release Download

Maps for this gamemode

Name Long name Description
csrw_de_dust2 de_dust2 Bomb defusal map for Counter Strike: RenderWare
csrw_cs_italy italy Hostage rescue map for Counter Strike: RenderWare
csrw_de_cbble Cobblestone Bomb defusal map for Counter Strike: RenderWare
Converted by Luc1fer
csrw_cs_16fighter Map for Counter Strike: RenderWare
Author: Akella
Conversion autho..
csrw_de_train de_train Bomb defusal map for Counter Strike: RenderWare. Converted by bashmak.
csrw_de_dust2_lm de_dust2_lm Map: de_dust2 by SCM
Shaders, lighting and stuff by Ren712
Video: ..
de_nuke de_nuke de_nuke - Bomb Defusal map for Counter Strike: Renderware Gamemode. ..
cs_1943 cs_1943 Hostage resuce map for Counter Strike: Renderware. Converted by Bash..
cs_militia cs_militia Hostage resuce map for Counter Strike: Renderware Gamemode. Converte..
de_survivor de_survivor Bomb Defusal map for gamemode Counter Strike RenderWare ..
de-aztec de_aztec Map from Counter-Strike 1.6 converted to MTA by SCM and to CSRW Game..
cs_alcatraz cs_Alcatraz converted by: bashmak and avaliable to download on gtainside.
de_inferno de_inferno Converted to CSRW gamemode by Jacob Italy - map originally created b..
de_dust1 de_dust Converted to CSRW gamemode by Jacob Italy - map originally created b..
cs_assaultcsrw cs_assault Converted to CSRW gamemode by Jacob Italy - map originally created b..
cs_havanacsrw cs_havana CS_havana is a CS 1.6 hostage rescue map, converted to GTA:SA by bas..
de_probcsrw de_proB de_proB - Bomb Defusal map imported from CS 1.6 and modeled by Bashm..
de_killers de_killers Bomb Defusal map from CS 1.6 - modeled by Bashmak, converted to CSRW..
fy_pooldaycsrw fy_poolday fy_poolday made by diegofun, converted to CSRW gamemode by Jacob. Th..
aimdeaglecsrw aim_deagle aim_deagle - CS:GO conversion, found in Lucifer Tactics gamemode, al..
awpindia awp_india awp_india - found in Lucifer's Tactics Gamemode (all credits to him)..
de_mirage de_mirage Long awaited de_mirage is finally here! Thanks ZZZPuma for convertin..
de_overpass de_overpass FINALLY! It has happened!

de_overpass is finally here on the CSRW..