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- 2020-01-12 05:34:18#1 velunuci
That afternoon Mandy tried to open the doors but the snow was packed tightly against the door and there was no way to leave the house. Getting a shovel Mandy hit the snow but the snow was laced with ice and didn't move because it was frozen solid. Going to the second floor she tried to open a window but wasn't strong enough to get the window open. The cell phone was in an area without services and the only heat was from the old wood stove. Dinner was hot dogs and some chips https://lascivooctavio.com/es/category/216/Sacudidas/popular/1/ .

That night Mandy's breast felt warm and heavy and her pussy dripped and she longed for something to put inside her to ease the ache. Waking up the next day Mandy found the back door open but the wall of icy wall of snow locked her in.

The day dragged on and then at night she fell asleep and woke to find the handsome man with the blood red eyes standing over her.

"How could I get a sacrifice I've been trapped in the house for the last two days. The ice has locked me in." Mandy cried.

"You will be mine and serve my camp." He said with a slight lifting of his perfect lips. With that he slipped his hands to cup her pert breasts and then pulled her snuggly to his hard sculpted body. His soft lips landed on her opened mouth and she felt his tongue stroke the inside of her mouth leaving her limp and pliant to his wishes. Gathering her in his arms he pulled her into his arms and out through the ice and snow. Mandy's clothes seemed to turn to shreds as they traveled through the blizzard arriving to a camp full of dark shadowy forms they entered a tent. A pallet of warm blankets lay on a bed and Mandy found herself laying naked on the bed. Firmly he pressed her into the bed and lined up his thick hard penis with her dripping slit. As he stroked into her his balls hitting her clitoris Mandy struggled not to come or respond https://theadultcams.com . The heat built and built as he stroked her vagina with the thick warmth of his penis and caressed her breasts. Finally unable to resist Mandy gasped and came in his arms. With his final stroke he kissed her and whispered.

"Now you must serve the other snow warriors. Then you must decide if you would like to be the camp whore and my personal sexual slave every night? Or you may choose to die after being fed on with your eyes removed?"