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- 2019-12-13 02:02:54#3 mufaxuqa
Mr. Donaldson said to Avery behind closed doors, just after Avery pressed the record on their iPhone. "Listen here you fucking little piece of shit https://hardcoregaytubeporn.com/en/category/4294967343/Gay/popular/1/ ! The only reason this shit happens to you is because you don't accept or respect authority, you say whatever the fuck you want when you want to without regards to anyone's feelings but your own, you're a fucking piece of shit and people like yourself belong in a facility for people like you, not in schools. I'm surprised you can even talk considering the condition you have. You autistic people are not even supposed to be able to talk and what all of you do is rock in your chairs going back-and-forth and do other shit like that you should be lucky you're not like them that you have a voice and yet you use it to only advocate for your rights and not anyone else's https://hardcoregaytubeporn.com/en/category/4294967341/Fis..popular/1/ !
- 2019-09-11 17:34:05#2 [D]ieg[O]
Escribi al Discord ZeTa#1458
- 2019-09-10 04:58:41#1 suscra9000
Oye nos podrĂ­amos poner en contacto quisiera ver si me puedes ayudar con unos scrips $??$