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Epic Scripted Event Based Race. :D

Spliff Second By KWKSND

Its been a while since i made a race map for Multi Theft Auto, so i figured i'd come show you all how its done again. :D

I've had this idea for quite a while. (during the MTA-Race days)

Seeing as how the "Split Second" video game is out now and its almost what i wanted to make for MTA i decided to bring this idea to life.
(not to mention some of the MTA team wanted to see it done)

This is a race map where the racers trigger scripted events that happen just before or just after the front racers, creating all kinds of random mayhem, making for some very exciting racing.

32 -- spawns
42 -- checkpoints
16 -- nitro pickups
16 -- repair pickups
13 -- decorative vehicles
999 - lines of code +/-
18 -- scripted events: -- jackknifed semi -- falling crate -- crashing planes -- planes taking off -- crashing heli -- overpass crash a -- overpass crash b -- onramp crash -- falling building -- freeway crash -- downtown crash -- emergency crash -- corner crash -- beach corner crash -- car crash -- shipwreck -- crash over bank -- plane crash finish -- and more !!

See the action here:
It has been updated since the video was made but its mostly the same. (removed a few checkpoints and changed style)

Events can each be set to false if you wish to remove them.
All settings can be found at the top of the .lua script.

If you like it please be sure to vote it up.

Be sure to check out my new Top*Secret Resources page for all the latest KWK resources.
http://www.kwksrv-mta.info :)


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.6.0 2010-09-19 03:29:30 added a setting for the event reset delay
all settings are found at the top of the .lua script
1.5.0 2010-07-18 00:45:04 a fix to make the vehicles colidable thx to ccw Download
1.4.0 2010-07-06 20:47:46 a surprise update Download
1.3.0 2010-07-04 06:47:38 made the vehicles in events more random
and some get set to 0 health for maybe a bit more explosions
1.2.0 2010-06-30 08:03:00 more visual upgrades Download
1.1.2 2010-06-29 05:50:00 i guess my ghost mode fix wont work as i hoped
so i removed it
1.1.1 2010-06-29 05:00:27 oops :D Download
1.1.0 2010-06-29 04:21:15 this should make the cars and players collidable again for those who use ghostmode, itll be disabled for this race.

and a few visual upgrades
1.0.0 2010-06-28 21:18:51 First public release Download

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