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rssStealth (stealth)

Author(s):slothman, Talidan
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Rating:3.8 (85 Votes)
Stealth is a team elimination based gamemode included with the MTA installation that contains elements from counterstrike, splinter-cell, urban terror, and many original ideas thrown in. Players are encouraged to be stealthy in order to not reveal their location on radar, and work with teammates using strategy and teamwork to win. During each round players get to choose a special gadget to assist them in battle.

for more info about Stealth or how to make a map for it, go here:

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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
3.1.0 2017-07-02 18:54:01 Copied from current MTA:SA release Download
3.0.0 2009-09-09 12:27:57 updated version of stealth (same version as the one found included with mta 1.0) Download
1.0.0 2008-02-07 04:24:15 First public release Download

Maps for this gamemode

Name Long name Description
sth-irak Map is highly tactical. If your tactical skills are good enough then..
sth-warehouse A simple stealth map.
sth-montgomery Stealth map in montgomery.
sth-dra-park A stealth map in San Fierro. Staying on the roofes is recommended! T..
sth-fox Stealth map.
sth-the_workplace Stealth map in the workplace ;)
Please report any bugs/problems to ..
sth-coookiepirates It's a stealth map, in a shape of an island. One team starts
at the..
sth-my *** My Second map... "Pirates Land" it's very long... on this map ar..
sth-market A new stealth map for mta dm.(Sorry but you need to create spawnpoin..
sth-pirats 1. 2 ships
2. 1 land
3. attackk!!!
sth-vitamine My first Stealth Map ;p
sth-sky Good map on high skyscrapers
sth-area51 Map to gamemode Stealth
sth-deserted This is my first map, and its fully made on my own, so please have t..
sth-forest This is the new version of the stealth map i made before.

please ..
sth-ship Map to gamemode Stealth.
sth-ship2 Map to gamemode Stealth.

Fixed - Spawn
sth-thebridge I have made a superb new map, only thing that is the same is the bri..
sth-bridge new, better version of my earlier made bridge map.

the spys have ..
sth-bunker Bunker - a large stealth map made by the original creator of the Ste..
sth-house sth-house STH-House is small map for Stealth gamemode.
Play is dynamic there,..
sth-caligula caligula **Stealth Caligulas Casino Map**
*Spy Spawn at the underground
sth-depot My First attempt at a map =P
Will correct things on it and add more..
sth-naval This map is on a ship.

There are pickups of armor near the spawn ..
sth-newest This map is in Los Antos Airport.

It's medium size map.
There ar..
sth-churcheznomusic The Defiled Church The inside of a church - Stealth map

this version has no music (2..
zmall Zmall is a map compatible with Stealth and CDM. It contains zombie s..
sth-kibel Stealth map for DP2.3
sth-hillmadness My newest stealth map, located near the glen park in los santos.

sth-mansion Evgeni's Mansion This is my new Map called "Evgeni's Mansion" :D
sth-pipes my sth-pipes map. It contains lots of pipes... LOTS!
sth-citylife My sth-citylife map. Medium size and it features a bunker lol :D

vacant Vacant A forsaken industrial area on the outskirts of a soviet

chinatownwars Chinatown Wars A large Chinatown map with spawnpoints for the stealth gamemode.
sth-highnoon ToyBox-HighNoon This here is a Wild West like map with Music.
Only for the Stealth ..
sth-churchez The Defiled Church
sth-darkforest The Dark Forest Its some kind of Forest.
sth-industrial sth-Industrial Fair map for both Teams i guess
There is no way to escape in this M..
sth-street sth-street This map is played in a part of a city.
It Contains:
-Music (from ..
sth-crysis sth-crysis My first MTA 1.0 map. It's a crysis -like stealth map. If you find a..
sth-drydam Dry Dam The Dried Up Dam: A Stealth map by Slothman

-a Tram th..
sth-canal canal Map: Canal
Is a Stealth Map. :)

greenvalley Green Valley A small valley with lots of trees , 2 chacks and waterfall + river.
cs-pf_dust Classical face-to-face map, for Stealth gamemode. Converted from Cou..
sth-blindalley Good map based on sth-jackson. It is Small but very funny. Enjoy it!
sth-desert sth-desert A simple stealth map. Enjoy it!!
sth-mv sth-mv
newyork New York Welcome to the City of New York.
snowvalley Snow Valley After finding the awesome "snow" script by R3mp i just had the idea ..
ambush Ambush Video of this Map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaufAaDUtn4
sth-beachparty A stealth map in Santa Maria Beach with 2 floors and a nice layout. ..
sth-mag sth-mag Map unusual recommend k44:) sth mode
giza Welcome to Egypt in the year 2575 B.C. !
sth-cabin sth-cabin Amazing stealth map. Defends the cabin whatever it takes
thevillage The Village Welcome to "The Village" a map inspired by an old european village i..
sth-perek This is my first map, I do not know whether it is cool or not || goo..
sth-unitystation My old map sth-runrun doesn't work anymore..

so I fixed it and I ..
pirateland A small stealth map in Las Venturas, not too many objects. Just a qu..
santamariabattleground A custom stealth map in Los Santos beach. The map has 2 floors.
waterwarfare A custom stealth map in Desert. The map is based on my old DD map "D..
wars min players 10

max players 128
sth-meiz sth-meiz A map like a meizz.
hope you will enjoy it .
please make a comment..
sth_townkill stealh easy map
cs-aztec Map from Counter-Strike 1.6 converted to MTA

Originaly created fo..
cs-dust2 Map from Counter-Strike 1.6 converted to MTA

Originaly created fo..
backa_city Backa_City My first map :D
Map for stealth "Backa_City"
Have fun with the map..
arena_zero Zero_Area Map for stealth "Arena_Zero"
Have fun with the map ;)
Report bugs ..
battle_ships Battle_Ships Map for stealth "Battle_Ships"
Have fun with the map ;)
Report bug..
sth-basicatack.map BATALLA Swat Vs FBI GERRA WATER BATTALA STH Mod
sth-falloup new vegas Mission Fallou new vegas Falloup new vegas las vegas en el año 2011 Batalla Por todas las ve..
{sth)wsk {STH}WsP Zapraszam do pobrania tej mapy
sth-atak na zamek Moja pierwsza mapa sth - atak na zamek
gra polega na zaatakowaniu l..
tanker telman near an abandoned airport in the sea carrier stand with the technolo..
fbi fbi base fbi base in los santos
circus Circus PS: The image was taken on basic test mode
sth-basesfl BaseSFL Stealth map Base SFL

By: Steven97ful
sth-water-spout Water Spout Another Stealth Map. Water Spout

By: Steven97ful
sth-strato-force SStrato Force Sth-Strato-Force

By: Steven97ful
sth-basesfl-v2 BaseSFL V2 sth-BaseSFL-V2

BY: Steven97ful

sth-ancient Ancient Sth-Ancient
By: Steven97ful.
sth- box!!! Airport Speedway Es una fabrica
sth-sombondrolfo Airport Speedway ES algo XD
sth - jet Airport Speedway EL interior de un jet
sth-l[saw]blackywhite sth-BlackyWhite english: map will be updated
polish/polski: mapa będzie aktualizow..
sth-fort blackyw sth-Fort BlackyW english: Map sth-Fort BlackyW
This map is located near a military b..
sth-army headquarters sth-Army headquarters Moja trzecia mapa stealth, znajduje się w bazie wojskowej
(w samym..
funny funny please visit US at website :
at server MTA :
sth-military base sth-military base ......english.......: Map sth-military base
The map is in the milit..
sth-blackyw v6 sth-BlackyW v6 ........english........: map sth-BlackyW v6
Entire map is made up o..
sth-building sth-building Stealth map in a building.
Dont Download this map is bugged
sth-garagewars sth-garagewars Stealth map in a garage
sth-islandfight sth-islandfight Stealth map in a island
sth-piratewars sth-piratewars Stealth map in a pirate ship
sth-aricaharbor sth-aricaharbor Map from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
sth-concrete sth-concrete City map with a lot of dirty tricks and ways.
sth-noshahr_canals sth-noshahr_canals Map from Battlefield 3.
sth-tunisharbor sth-tunisharbor Sniping map with some vehicles.
sth-assault Assault Version 1.0.2 have fun!
sth-small Small Small map.
sth-fettle fettle sth-fettle.
hideout hideout Hideout stealth map.
kiesgrube Kiesgrube Meine erste Stealth Map!
sth-fast Fast STH-Fast
Nice Map

By OxuGen
sth-thecity [SH]Stealth..::Angel Pine::.. Mapa de sigilo osea stealth creado a la perfección :D
sth-theship [HTTPack]The Ship The HTT(Hungaryan Troll Team) Stealth map
pakto-sth Pakto-sth Bueno aca esta el update como vieron el otro les deje dicho que teni..
pakto-sth-2 Pakto-sth Aca les traigo el segundo volumen de sth aca les dejo foto, aunque n..
edificios-sth Edificios-sth Bueno aca les traigo mi segundo volumen en este caso stealth, aca se..
aero-sth Aero-sth Bueno aca les traigo otro volumen se podria decir, este mapa esta re..
pakto-extra-sth Aero-sth Bueno aca les traigo un extra que ise, espero que lo disfruten :) Li..
blackops Kino Der Toten Call Of Duty Black Ops: Kino Der Toten (Zombies Map) + Vending Machi..
sth-driving-school sth-driving school This Is My 1st Stealth Map.Maybe No Bugs.This is Extra Large Stealth..
sth-driving-school v2 sth-driving school
sth-slumdog sth-slumdog This is My 2nd Map.Longer Map.No Bugs.

By: Bpb*>[email protected]~
Helped By..
sth-bigbattle Batalla en Stealth
sth-unity-station A New Map of Stealth, it's fantastic
sth-pickle-suburbans War In the Suburbans
sth-doherty Team War in the Deposit of Doherty
stealth-pakto7 Stealth-Pakto7 Bueno, perdón, no tome fotos. No me dio el tiempo. Pero en breve re..
sth-sanfierro Sth-SanFierro un mapa de sth que espero les guste
sth-pakto8 Stealth-Pakto7 Bueno es un mapa que hice, por así decir con paciencia ya que no se..
sth-pakto9 Stealth-Pakto9 Disculpen el otro pakto9 tiene un error que son los spawn me los olv..
sth-overgame Sth-OverGame New Map Sth-Overgame
sht-claro_v1 Sth-Claro_v1 arreglado problema del gamemod
sth-claro_v2 Sth-Claro_v2 la segunda version de Sth-Claro.
sth-samfierro_v2 Sth-SanFierro
sth-claro_v3 Sth-Claro_v3 Tercera Parte de Sth-Claro La isla
sth-totalwar sth-TotalWar Español
Mapa de Stealth Creado por mi c:,si encuentra bugs por fav..
sth-chavo sth-Chavo~ Bueno, les comparto mi primer map de stealth, espero y les guste, sa..
sth-chavo-v2 sth-Chavo.v2- Bueno, aquí les traigo la v2 de mis map sthealth, espero y les gust..
sth-chavo-v3 sth-Chavo.v3 Bueno, pues aquí con mi 3er mapa de stealth, espero y les guste :D
sth-modern-warfare Sth- Modern Warfare Sth-Modern Warfare
sth-claro-v4 Sth-Claro-v4 Bueno un mapa mas de sth grande.
sth-old-wars Sth-Old Wars
the warrios Sth-The Warrios oli
sth-killjoys Sth-Killjoys un mapa grande para cw
sth-the-wars Sth-The-wars Sth-The-Wars v9 by _Aleman_
sth-mini-special Sth-Mini-Special Sth-Mini-Special V10- by _Aleman_
attack-mini-special Sth-Mini-Special sdasd
sth-full striker Sth-Full Striker Sth Full Striker - . By _Aleman_
sth-with-the-bitchs Sth-with-the-bitchs Un mapa grande perfecto para cuando hay muchos usuarios en el servid..
byschool School Español :

Hola, Este es mi Primer mapa Stealth, Espero que les g..
sth-ddoherty Doherty V2, Repairs Bugs and new fun
sth-lokojack Sth-lokoJack asdasd
sth-claro-v5 Sth-Claro-v4 Un mapa grande de sth muy sensual...
sth-huththi sth-huththi Sth-Huththi Map For Stealth . Superb Map For Stealth
sth-flash sth-flash Small Map, Created By Some small Elements. Parking Area Based Map Sy..
sth-greece A Good Map For some Stealth Playes, This Map Maked with My Friends B..
sth-ayyildiz MTA:TR Askeri Klanlar Topluluğu
Yeni Stealth haritası

sth-crazyjump sth-crazyjump map by krisztian2 - This is a simple stealth map
on [two skyscraper..
sth-airport_maintenance sth-Airport_Maintenance map by krisztian2 - This is a simple stealth map
on [Airport]!
sth-jackson-bugoff2 - Türk Yapımı Stealth Mapidir. Yapımı Mr.azooz 'a aittir. Benim..
sth-jackson-bugoff1 - Türk Yapımı Stealth Mapidir. Yapımı Mr.azooz 'a aittir. Benim..
sth-mrlost Steath Turk Yapim Map (Mr.LoST) Türkçe:

Türk Yapımı Stealth Haritasıdır. Yapımı tamamen ..
sth-dust_indoor Converted from cs 1.6 to stealth
sth-fabric sth-fabric Stealth™ Map

Latest map version

Warning: If you see map diff..
sth-motor1 Stealth™ Map

Latest map version

Warning: If you see map diff..
sth-jackson1 Stealth™ Map

Latest map version

Warning: If you see map diff..