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rssdl_image3DLight (dl_image3dlight)

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Resource: dl_image3DLight v0.1.5
Author: Ren712

This resource doesn't provide any entity/light sorting, exported functions,
entity limit. It provides classes that can be used in other resources.
Number keys 1 to 0 allow you to create selected entities for testing purposes.

This resource adds an ability to create simple light sources.
The purpose of this resource is to give an efficient alternative to
dynamic lighting resource and introduce deferred rendering
approach. Light (or any other effect) is produced after world is rendered
based on information (scene depth, world normals, texture color) generated before.

More detailed description is presented here:

The outcome is drawn transformed and tessellated image2material3D.
You can add virtually limitless number of lights.

Instead of image3DLightBasic this provides proper blending with world
texture color and interpolated normals passed by a separate dl_core

CImgLightDirectional - Creates a global directional light
CImgLightPoint - Creates a point light.
CImgLightPointNoNRM - Same as above but no normal shading
CImgLightSpot - Creates a spot light.
CImgLightSpotNoNRM - Same as above but no normal shading
CImgLightSpecular - Creates a specular light.
CImgLightDark - Creates an inverted color point light
CImgLightDarkNoNRM - Same as above but no normal shading
CImgTexture - Creates a 2D quad
CImgTextureNoDB - Creates a 2D quad (basic method)
CImgTextureProj - Creates a projected 2D texture
CImgTextureProj2 - Creates a projected 2D texture type2
CImgTextureProjNoDB - Creates a projected 2D texture (basic method)
CImgTextureProjNoNRM - Same as above but no normal shading
CImgTextureProjCone - Creates a projected 2D texture (perspective projection)
CImgTextureProjCone2 - Creates a projected 2D texture type2 (perspective projection)
CImgTextureProjConeNoDB - Creates a projected 2D texture (basic method)
CImgTextureProjConeNoNRM - Same as above but no normal shading
CImgTextureProjCube - Creates a projected cube texture
CImgTextureProjCubeNoNRM - Same as above but no normal shading

Shader model 3.0 GFX, readable depth buffer in PS access.

test.lua lets you create lights in front of the camera view.


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
0.1.6 2021-10-05 20:26:32 -supported by current dl_core Download
0.1.5 2021-10-01 19:37:00 First public release Download