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rssfighting tournament with 20 levels

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This is a large script but not my largest one.

This is what the script looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwukjm416G4

A fighting tournament with 20 'levels'
The activity is on a very large map divided in 20 fighting area's.

Certain area's will have multiple opponents, others just 1.
Some opponents will have special meelee weapons that can make you catch fire or knock down on the ground.

All area's are mapped in unique theme's, when i used this activity in my server, i had skinmods for the opponents to match the opponents with the area's as you can notice in the video or screenshots above.
I did not attached these skinmods in this script, if you want this you'll have to add mods yourself.

Players who defeat opponents will receive a money reward
Before running to the area's players will get the chance to choose a fighting style.

The script includes:
-Map icon (north west village)
-teleports in & out every area
-A moving boxing ring which takes you to the opposite side of the map, or which is great for a short tour over the area's.
-Towers for spectators to watch the fights.
-Meelee weapon effects.
-Markers where players can choose fighting style.

- IMPORTANT txt file added in the script with extra spawn locations. When you lose a fight you will die so you'll have to spawn again, add these locations in your spawn system so that your players will spawn back on the fighting tournament and not somewhere far from the teleport to enter the map.

Have fun with the script! Make sure to take a look at my other scripts here on the community.

ps: you need slothbot for the opponents to work (https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources..mp;id=672)


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