rss[DM] Impzy ft. Danx - Satisfaction II ([dm]_impzy_ft_danx_-_satisfaction_ii(2))

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*In order to make this map work, add this line: (Facepalm, this site wonkied the line, welp, figure it out? Or ask me for help.)
<script src="ActionScript.lua" type="client"></script>
to the meta.xml found inside the .zip, but that's not all... the .zip is also missing the ActionScript.lua file (which you'll also need) - because this site "multitheftautocom\resources" claimed it had: ''The resource contains invalid compiled files.:
- ActionScript.lua'' which I also tried to re-compile even.
I can send you the ActionScript.lua:
if you contact me on YouTube or MTA:SA [DM]/MGM/Racing-communites, such as Twisted Gamers, ffs...*

[DM] Impzy ft. Danx - Satisfaction II

Finally available for free, for everyone!

YouTube video of the map: https://youtu.be/yIYYNJdNgGM?list=PLDiZfw3lJT6rYHzDgyofw-ooPAEm8cmq2

Danx ''finished'' this map in 2016.
Satisfaction II - But where's Satisfaction I? Well, this map is originally Satisfaction I from 0:34 to 1:45 (in the YouTube video), but that's all of ''what was left of it'', as I've lost the original Satisfaction and couldn't find it anywhere - therefore I decided to feature it as Satisfaction II. The original Satisfaction was made probably somewhere around 2011, I'd guess... I can't really remember.


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