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This script locks service cars only for employees.
For example: if you want to drive a police car and you are wearing civilian clothes, you will see a yellow message in the chat box saying that you cannot drive this car because you are not a police officer. Not only police cars, but also for most of the service cars in the game.
List of cars that can be used only by employees:
*Pilots: All helicopters and aircrafts are locked for pilot skin ID 61.
*Police: All police cars are locked for police officers skins ID 280, 281, 282, 283, 288.
*Police Bike: When you try to drive a police bike you will see a message saying => You should wear a bike helmet before driving. This means you need Police Bike Skin ID 284.
*Swat: Skin ID 285
*FBI: Skins ID 286, 165, 295
*Army: Skins ID 312, 287
*Coast Guard: Skin ID 71
*Medics: Skins ID 274, 275, 276
*Fire Fighters: Skins ID 277, 278, 279
*Press: Skin ID 147
*Pizza Delivery Bike: Skin ID 155
*Mechanics: Skin ID 50 and 305.

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