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rssdgs (dgs)

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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
3.513.0 2022-01-13 14:52:05 DGS Update 3.513 Stable(13/Jan/2022)
1. Fixed: Incorrect angle setting logic in "clockwise" of dgs-circle
2. Added Function: dgsGridListSetRowID
3. Added Function: dgsGridListGetRowID
3. Added Function: dgsGridListFindRowByID
4. Fixed: changing masked property doesn't update edit's text
5. Added Function: dgsAddPropertyListener
6. Added Function: dgsRemovePropertyListener
7. Added Function: dgsGetisteningPropertyies
8. Added Event: onDgsPropertyChange
9. Added Function: dgsEffect3DSetRotationFactor
10. Added Function: dgsEffect3DGetRotationFactor
11. Added Function: dgsEffect3DSetAlwaysEnabled
12. Added Function: dgsEffect3DGetAlwaysEnabled
13. Fixed: Error when attach 3d image to a no rotation element
14. Fixed: Color argument of 3d image doesn't work
15. Fixed: dgsBringToFront doesn't affect 3d elements
16. Added Property: isBlocked for 3d image and 3d text
17. Added Property: isOnScreen for 3d image and 3d text
18. Added Property: alignment for 3d text
19. Added Property: textOffset for 3d text
20. Enhanced: Security Performance
21. Fixed: Error when using g2d hooker with dgs that not names "dgs"
22. Added: dgs-dxlayout:
23. Added Property: shadow for dgs-dxmemo
24. Fixed: Error when using dgsSetCustomCursorImage (MartinoFY)
25. Optimised: Speed up when position changes
26. Fixed: Error when clearing memo
27. Added: font is able to be switched by multi-lingual system with {"yourFont"}
28. Fixed: Error when passing one color into dgsGridListSetItemColor
29. Fixed: Wrong behavior of caretOffset of edit and memo
30. Fixed: Changing the parent alpha does not affect button
31. Fixed: Memory leak caused by combobox
32. Added: Add texture support for arrow property(combobox)
33. Fixed: Tabpanel does not use bgImage property when no tab is selected
3.494.0 2020-03-03 05:15:18 1. Fixed: arrow shader of combobox doesn't work with dgsSetAlpha
2. Added: absolute grid position for nine slice
3. Added Function: dgsNineSliceSetTexture
4. Added Function: dgsNineSliceGetTexture
5. Changed: default value of argument 'relative' of round rectangle has been set to "false"
6. Changed: use dxDrawMaterialPrimitive3D instead of dxDrawMaterialLine3D to fix z buffer
7. Fixed: broken aa algorithm with rotation of some shaders
8. Fixed: error when using dgsGridListAutoSizeColumn
9. Added: addition length for dgsGridListAutoSizeColumn
10. Fixed: Incorrect position of dgs scroll bar when use "arrowWidth"