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rssSan Andreas - Customs (sa_customs)

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@ San Andreas Customs
- Performance tuning
- Optical tuning
- Extras
- Color

- Default languages English / Hungarian.
- You can set language in translationsG.lua first row (selectedLanguage)
- You can add more languages

@ How to add tuning markers?
- Use /markerpos command to get the current position and rotation (better if you in the vehicle)
- The /markerpos command in sourceC.lua last row.
- After used /markerpos command, the script automatic copy the coordinates. You only put the coordinate to sourceG.lua => availableTuningMarkers table.

@ Camera move
- You can move camera around vehicle or vehicle component.
- Press and hold the left mouse button while moving the cursor
- Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom camera

@ Tuning items
-> Performance
--> Engine
--> Turbo
--> Nitro (Press and hold Left Shift to use nitro)
--> Tires
--> Brakes
--> Weight Reduction

-> Optical
--> Front Bumper
--> Rear Bumper
--> Hood
--> Exhaust
--> Spoiler
--> Wheels
--> Side Skirt
--> Roof Scoop
--> Hidraulics
--> Air-Ride (IMPORTANT! - When you installed Air-Ride, and you try to install Hidraulics, first remove Air-Ride)
--> Usage: /airride [0 - 5] (0 => Default suspension)
--> Lamp Color
--> Neon (Usage /neon)

- Extras
--> Front Wheel Size
--> Rear Wheel Size
--> Offroad Optimisation
--> Drive Type
--> Bulletproof tires
--> LSD Door (Scissor door)
--> Steering Lock
--> License Plate



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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.0.2 2016-12-28 12:47:31 Responsive multiplier to screen resolutions, Fixed Nitro/Hidraulics bug, Small LSD Door fix, Colorpicker fix Download
1.0.1 2016-08-03 18:27:29 New camera moving + now you can move camera when you painting a car or edit lamp color Download
1.0.0 2016-07-26 13:20:09 First public release Download