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shaderpednormalShader Ped NormalResource: Shader Ped Normal v1.0.2 Vi..4.612script
misterixmodMisterix Mod V1By: <~KaMiKaZe~> ====================..4.512script
cs_announce99This is nice announce script taken fro..4.412script
markerscreatorMarkers creatorThis is an open-sourced script which m..4.411script
jay_graffitiGraffiti system@ Graffiti System - Save & load (json..4.324script
object_previewObject PreviewResource: Object Preview v0.6.8 Autho..4.115script
rectangleminimapRectangle minimapMinimap functions: - Zoom in/out with..443script
radar3dRadar3DResource: Radar 3D v1.1.4 Author: Ren..442misc
sa_customsSan Andreas - Customs@ San Andreas Customs - Performance t..420script
jacksonJacksonSth-Jackson by Diti 416map
guieditorGUI EditorGUI Editor is a resource designed to a..4503misc
3dhuda 3D Hud like in Dead Space ( not 100 ..424misc
adblockAdBlockFor this resource to work, type this i..420script
stealth_proStealth:PRONEW VERSION! #Stealth:PRO RELOADED3.915gamemode
zombiesZday scriptZday, a zombie infestation script f..3.9853script
gtavradarGTAV radarThis resource will receive occasional ..3.973script
no_speed_blurNo Speed BlurNo Speed Blur! Disables Motion Blur f..3.925script
house_systemHouse System by DakiLLa (Building/Mana..3.9298script
ivhudGTA IV style hud for mta keys: = :..3.9104script
police_lights_2015Police Lights [LED AND LAMP]POLICE LIGHTS 2015 Script by vovo4k..3.924misc
bankBank SystemGUI Based bank system. FOR MTA:SA 1..3.9455script
freeroamFreeroam GUIStaff note: This may be outdated. Plea..3.9764gamemode
heditIngame Handling EditorThis is the official Handling Editor, ..3.9111script
dogmodDogModDogs finally arrived in your MTA World..3.9145script
abseilThis resource gives you the ability to..3.950script
zombiegamemodeZombie GamemodeZombie Gamemode - all-in-one gamemode ..3.9127gamemode
shader_car_paint_reflectResource: Shader Car Paint reflect v0...3.942script
admin_tagOyuncuTag(TR) --------- Tag Scripti Nedir? ..3.921script
cvehicleVehicle ControlThis resource will give you the abilit..3.941misc
fpsFrames per second calculater, showing ..3.9128misc
cockpitcockpitGui for aircraft Includes: Altimet..3.872script
memeMemeResource: Meme 2.01 Author: Ren712 ..3.858script
gui-jailGUI Jail SystemGUI Jail System =====================..3.837script
cctvCCTV: Security camerasThis is a CCTV resource, which allows ..3.8132script
cinemaexperienceCinema ExperienceWe're happy to release the first beta ..3.836script
anti-zombie-area* Zombies will not spawn on the area. ..3.812script
supermanSuperman script. Lets your ped fly an..3.895script
dynamic_lightingShader Dynamic LightingResource: Dynamic Lighting v1.5.8 vid..3.841script