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NameLong NameDescriptionRatingVotesType
guieditorGUI EditorGUI Editor is a resource designed to a..4482misc
zombiesZday scriptZday, a zombie infestation script f..3.9823script
scorewantedScoreboard Status's for PlayersI'm not sure if something similar was ..3.917script
shader_motionblurMotion Blur ShaderMotion Blur shader, works with MTA:SA ..3.917script
dogmodDogModDogs finally arrived in your MTA World..3.9138script
[a-team]skin shop[A-Team-Skin Shop[A-Team] Hello I am Anubhav from A-..3.915script
freeroamFreeroam GUIStaff note: This is extremely outdated..3.9755gamemode
rc-battleRC-BattleIMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPOR..3.922gamemode
cs-pf_dustClassical face-to-face map, for Stealt..3.922map
cockpitcockpitGui for aircraft Includes: Altimet..3.971script
bankBank SystemGUI Based bank system. FOR MTA:SA 1..3.8429script
sth-dra-parkA stealth map in San Fierro. Staying o..3.837map
abseilThis resource gives you the ability to..3.849script
house_systemHouse System by DakiLLa (Building/Mana..3.8282script
vehiclehudVehicle HudThis Speed meter like and good in serv..3.842script
sx_resmanagerThis Resource started from my old mapD..3.852script
hayHayMake your way to the top of the hay to..3.879gamemode
trialsSimple script which allows you to make..3.888script
heligrabHelicopter GrabbingThis is a resource allowing players to..3.8158misc
alternative_editorAlternative Map EditorThis is an alternative editor that is ..3.8130misc
radar3dRadar3DResource: Radar 3D v1.1.1 Author: Ren..3.827misc
groundpickupsGround PickupsThis script allows create pickups, whi..3.843script
zombiegamemodeZombie GamemodeZombie Gamemode - all-in-one gamemode ..3.8118gamemode
bone_attachBone attachmentsThis resource can attach elements to b..3.864script
realdrivebyRealDrivebyRealDriveby is a fully customisable re..3.832script
admincamAdmincamNOTE: Version 1.1 is out. Sinds I h..3.816script
trainTrainHey:For make this train missions you n..3.816script
tooltipsGUI Tooltipssimple dx tooltips resource for GUI el..3.837script
script_editorIn-game script editorHi community, i know that there is alr..3.895script
webpanelWeb Admin panelAdd web page where you can manage serv..3.858misc
zombie_killmessageKillmessage ZombieSimple script shows a killmessage at k..3.821script
shader_wet_roadsShader wet roadsShader for that 'just stopped raining ..3.821script
dx_loginLogin/RegisterTamamen DX ürünü olan bir scripttir..3.847script
glueglueScript to glue yourself to a vehicle. ..3.8198script
digital_speedDigital SpeedometerThis resource will display the players..3.826script
rectangleminimapRectangle minimapMinimap functions: - Zoom in/out with..3.831script
cctvCCTV: Security camerasThis is a CCTV resource, which allows ..3.8129script
ac-130AC-130**I don't do support for this resource..3.841script
heditIngame Handling EditorThis is the official Handling Editor, ..3.8102script
dxscoreboardScoreboardNEW: The scoreboard is now a part of M..3.8224script