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Carmageddon pedestrians for race resource

This resource adds carmageddon like pedestrians to race maps (each ped must be added manually using the MTA map editor)

How to use:
-Load the carmapeds definitions in map editor
-place the peds on the map
-if you want the peds to go in the specific direction add the waypoint, then select the ped, pres F3, click on browse next to the “waypoint_id” property and select the waypoint from the list.
Note: there should not be anything between the ped and the waypoint, you don’t need to add the waypoints – its optional.
-add a line:
<include resource="race_carmapeds" />
To the map meta.xml file
Note: adding this line to meta.xml file is important, if the resource is not working, you did not added this line! Also you should never start this resource manually (by using admin panel or /start command). Also you wont see the peds in the map editor test mode – you need to test the map on the server!

Exemplar map: - http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&..mp;id=2593
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0Md3OeV6XU&feature=cha..ideo_title

This resource is not quite finished, it was on my hard drive for over a year, I recently decided to fix the critical errors and release it. Main features are:
- new physics between pedestrians and vehicles
- powerups when you run over the ped (not many though)
- 3 types of ai (all very basic though: run away, fallow player and go to waypoint – the last one is used when you add the waypoint in the map editor, difrent ai will be triggered when you get close to the ped)
- 4 types of peds (green – they always run away and give you a speed bust and a fix, when you hit them; red – this ones want to get run over, and something bad will happen when you kill them; yellow – random ai and random effect; blue – attempt to simulate realistic accident vehicle side)
- Peds are created only where the action is, the player who is 1 in the race is responsible for creating the peds, when the number of peds reach 60 the oldest ones will be destroyed
- Scripters may use the events: "onPanicPedHit" – for the green, "onRealPedHit" – for the blue, "onPsyhoPedHit" – for the red and "onRandomPedHit" for the yellow peds. The events are server side, the source is a root (so its not useful), the first parameter in the handler function is the ped that was killed, the second is the players vehicle. With a lithe creativity events may be used to add scoreboard columns or deathmassages outputs with no need to edit the resource itself.
- Script is stabile, peds are synced, there may be some warnings in the console on special occasions, but it should not crasch.

Special thanks to Slothman, author of the best ped resources I’ve sean in action. His resources inspired me, and bean a tutorial for me.


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