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This will require several shots to the head to kill, not just one.

Each 'headshot' will deal more HP damage than regular shot (default: about twice), and will show to the player they got seriously hurt with a bloodsplatter texture.

What happens;
headshots take more HP than regular shots to the body, and the final headshot, if it's fatal (low HP), will blow the head off.

The script calculates whether or not a headshot will be fatal (depends on the player's health before that shot) and thus it can blow off the head.

The advantage of this script over the regular headshot resource, is that a player who gets shot in the head still has a chance to turn around and fight back; it's not as overpowered. You can also alter the damage taken from a headshot by changing below line in client.lua;

"local newHealth = math.floor(getElementHealth(source) - (30 - loss))" (edit '30')

This script has been optimized for performance, also on slow PC's (besides that, uses low-spec bloodspatter images, smaller and less expensive to render than any default GTA SA texture)

Pretty good script altho its been a while ago since i wrote it.
* Version 1.1 brings significant improvements


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1.1.0 2019-01-29 05:21:14 various improvements including better sync and clean ups Download
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