rsstk ingame map editor world changer

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In game Map editor + world changer

Here is a video to see how the in game map editor works:


The panel have 3 pages
The first page is CLIENT side only
Here players are able to change the weather, sky, water, all those world options, including to set everything back to normal

The second 2 pages are the ingame map editor
You can always add more objects & more pages for more objects.
The ingame map editor is SERVER side,
The objects are timed to be destroyed at 20 minutes after they are placed
You can always change this timer to a higher time.

on the first map editor page is a teleport button to "map editor place" you could make a small map for players to teleport if they want to create a map in private.

Press F4 to open the panel

The zip file is 16 MB, but the script isn't that big
I was to lazy to delete the not needed pictures from the folders, but the players will only download the files that are in the meta, so no worries.

Have fun

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