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rssInterstate 69 (interstate69)

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Patched by Ransom and Slothman to make it work with current MTA 1.0.4

MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD i69-vehicles AGAIN, when you hit download it will ask.

A few needed changes:
*Spawn protection is now portrayed by a semi-visible vehicle, not a marker
*Reload bars fixed
*Unbalanced mines and non-working heatseeker for bus removed (download i69-vehicles again!)
*Molotov now throws 5 in a row so it stands a chance against 1-hit-kill missiles
*4x and 8x SAM nerfed to 2x and 4x SAM for balance and projectile limit. Only the elegy can use 2x SAM and only bus can use 4x SAM
*Spammy typing noise reduced to 3 clicks per line

Fixed debug errors caused by a lack of checking. Not all of them but mostly.

Interstate69 is a gamemode based on the old interstate76 and 82 for PC.

Interstate currently supports 2 different modes;
Elimination and Deathmatch.

In elimination the goal is to eliminate all your opponents, and survive yourself.
Once you are eliminated you can not respawn untill a new round begins.
Theres also a timelimit for new players.

Deathmatch is pretty straight forward, the player with least deaths when the time is up wins the round.
Respawning is always possible.

Interstate was originally coded to be modular, but this has been left behind right now.

This is an official gamemode, and should not be edited by anyone.



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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.0.2 2011-02-25 12:24:16 See resource description for changes. Download
1.0.1 2011-02-25 10:35:54 See resource description for changes. Download
1.0.0 2008-02-07 04:38:30 First public release Download

Maps for this gamemode

Name Long name Description
i69-de Desert A map for the interstate69 gamemode.

This is the elimination vers..
i69-ghosttown Ghosttown A map for the interstate69 gamemode.

This is a custom map that is..
i69dm-de DM Desert A map for the interstate69 gamemode.

This is the deathmatch versi..
i69-airport i69-Airport interstate 69 map

credits:LuciF3r (creator of interstate69 gam..
i69-sf SF Deathmach interstate 69 map in SF