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rssBaseMode (basemode)

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Gamemode in AAD Rumble style from sa-mp, attack and defense. Bases and Arenas in GM are stored in XML.
Game target:
* Mode Base:
- Team "Attack" need to take over area by killing all defenders or by being in marker for X seconds (setable in config).
- Team "Defense" must defend the base by waiting till time ends or by killing all attackers.
* Mode Arena:
- Both teams must kill players from opposite team.
* For Admins:
- /startbase [number] - Start Base.
- /startarena [number] - Start Arena.
- /changeteamall - Change all players teams for opposite.
- /changeteam [player_nickname] - Change specified player team for opposite.
- /timeround [minutes] - Set round time (in minutes).(for base)
- /timeround2 [minutes] - Set round time (in minutes).(for arena)
- /end - End played round.
* For Players:
- /votebase [number] - Vote for Base.
- /votearena [number] - Vote for Arena.
- /rsp - Respawn yourself (if alive) in place where you used this command (work once per round and fix your unsync/float).
- F4 - Change team for opposite.
- R - Change spectated player.
Special Informations:
- Mod has 95 created Bases and 64 Arenas.
- Add this line in acl file if you want players to be kicked for having armor:

<object name="resource.BaseMode"/>

in group "Moderator".

* You have no permission to edit and release edited version of gamemod without Author's permission.

� Copyright 2008 by Rhbk


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
0.3.6 2009-08-28 19:53:50 - upgrade to 1.0
- ...
0.3.5 2009-07-30 02:12:41 - fixed some simpled bugs
- New "attackes" spawns
0.3.0 2009-04-26 14:28:18 Download
0.2.0 2009-01-22 16:27:27 - reprogrammed client side
- added simple parachute script
- new gui style
0.1.9 2008-12-19 21:32:48 - Changed weapon menu Download
0.1.8 2008-12-18 21:54:32 - spawn bugs fixeds
- removed Combat Shotgun/Added MP5
- health points changed from 200 to 150
- arena bugs fixeds
0.1.7 2008-12-10 21:01:23 -marker countdown bug fixed Download
0.1.6 2008-12-08 00:13:40 - Spawn bug fixed
- Changed player skins
- Added auto switch team of end round
- Fixed text typos
0.1.5 2008-12-07 12:23:58 First public release Download

Maps for this gamemode

Name Long name Description
arena_68 Mitilia Forest ///////////////////////
BaseMode 1.0 Map
arena_69 Giza BaseMode version ----------------------
BaseMode 1.0 map
arena_100 arena_100 BaseMode
arena 888 basemode - andy arena 888 Arena 888 for basemode - By: Andy
arena 2012 arena 2012 Basemode - Andy
arena_600 arena_600 arena_600 basemode by [JUNIOR]BR
arena_750 arena_750 arena_750 by [Sicario]Junior
and the new version

arena_6551 Arena BaseMode 6551 By Gustavo
arena_508 Duel MTA-AR Arena_508 MTA-AR - Sniper & Deagle - DueL Tournament
By Zeem
helpme failed
arena_3324 arena 6011 this is my first arena
for TAPL server
base_999 arena 6011 my first base
arena_3325 arena 6011 hi my second arena
i just do anything to it it is very weird
you ..
arena_3326 arena 6011 arena for basemode
arena_3327 arena 6011 if theres anything wrong email me at Aldwin_[email protected]
arena_3328 arena_3328 hey if theres any problems email me at aldwin_[email protected]
arena_3329 contact me in my email aldwin_[email protected] if there is any prob..
arena_3330 if anything is wrong contact Aldwin_[email protected]
arena_3331 if anything is wrong contact Aldwin_[email protected]
arena_3332 if anything is wrong contact Aldwin_[email protected]
arena_3333 hi if theres any problems contact me by email at yahoo

arena_1991 Arena_1991 for GameMode BaseMode
arena_1992 this Arena_1992 for Game BaseMode
arena_1993 arena_1993 for game BaseMode
arena1250 AIRPORT_MAYHEM an awesome arena for basemode!
have fun!

A new version coming ..
arena1996 This is bad map. Come on at http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=r..